BOPP film with the English name is Biaxial Oriented Poly Propylene is a type of film made of PP plastic beads. PP is harder than PE, has better tensile strength and is more transparent. Due to PP's low density (0.90 g/m3) and high strength, PP can produce thinner films making it competitive with PE films in some applications. Therefore, PP is widely used in the form of thin, relatively rigid, transparent films.

The BOPP film is oriented (OPP), i.e. stretched in 1 or 2 directions, for better strength and stiffness, high crystallinity. BOPP film has sufficient hardness, softening temperature is about 150 oC, so it is easy to handle on many surfaces of packaging materials, printed products. It is completely transparent and has good moisture and scent barrier.

There are two types of BOPP film: clear BOPP film and translucent BOPP film with a thickness of 12-40 µm (micrometers).
BOPP film is used by printing and post-printing companies:
  • Lamination, labels, packaging, book covers.
  • Complex combination of soft food packaging (noodles, confectionery, Cafe...).
  • Clear/opaque carton sealing tape.
  • Garment bag and CD/DVD.
  • Cigarette packs, flower wrapping paper, gifts